Vaduz, Sept 30th, 2021

From today, The Tomorrow of Classic Car History is a reality. Driving simulators? Go beyond, into a world where you can experience the fourth dimension of passion.

Vaduz , Sept 30th, 2021

From today, The Tomorrow of Classic Car History is a reality.
Driving simulators? Go beyond, into a world where you can experience the fourth dimension of passion.

When Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone, no one could possibly have imagined that the phone was about to become the centre of our world. In many ways, the same example can be applied to the TCCT eClassic simulators. Indeed, it would be redundant to simply stop at the fascinating aesthetics of Pininfarina and Zagato that give an immediate sense of authentic classics.

The value of the eClassic driving simulators, including the economic one, comes in no small part from the way they meet the expectations of collectors and enthusiasts. Again, this is “a world” that we have translated, as a concept, into the Fourth Dimension of the Classic car experience.

This concept was perfectly understood by the collectors who attended the presentation of the simulators in St. Moritz on 16th and 17th September. Testing them on the road of the ascent up to the Bernina Pass, a road race they were to participate in the following Saturday and Sunday, they were struck not only by the realism of the experience, but also by the opportunity it gave them to train safely on the same road without traffic, along with the advantage of not adding harmful emissions to those of normal traffic.

How to join? Exclusively through “The eClassic Club”.
The pleasure of a passion comes from the perceptions and feelings it gives you. Perceptions and feelings that are both partial and limited due to the infrequent opportunities to participate in real events. Real events that are precious and that deserve to be maintained and enhances, but which leave both time and space for more. From today, there is a new Club – “The eClassic Club” whose members can have:

  • The opportunity to rediscover the spirit of loyalty and friendship that united drivers from the Scuderie of the past. Loyalty, the pleasure of driving together with people who share the same passion, connected virtually or in reality, on track days or at events;
  • The simplicity of using an APP that is strictly personal and also functions as the key to the virtual car, starting the simulator and allowing members to connect with others and receive information and updates on activities;
  • The opportunity to use the services of the eClassic Academy to interpret performance data from the track or on the road and create personal programmes to improve driving skills;
  • The freedom to connect with other members and organise track sessions together, each participant with his or her own car but all together in real time while driving, or also for real Club races with the emotion of challenge for classification;
  • The ambition, if desired, to compete in real races in a championship reserved for members, scheduled for mid-2022 to have time to get to grips with driving on the track, in a group of cars that aspire to be the best;
  • The certainty of having a fleet of excellent cars ready to drive at all times, each one with its own characteristics (road behaviour depending on power output, front or rear engine and camber and suspension settings, engine noise, etc.) and the choice between legendary tracks or Alpine climbs such as the Bernina or Bondone Passes.

The concept of “The eClassic Club” is central to the entire programme: to order a simulator, clients must first be accepted as members of the Club. The opportunity to organise activities together, in fact, is based on affinity and shared passions and interests, which then become opportunity to consolidate or create friendships.

In addition, members have the opportunity to introduce others to the Club, who are then enabled to use the simulator of the persona who invited them, as well as those installed in the eClassic Lounge. The annual membership fee to the Club is not required for members who purchase a simulator for the first three years.

Which simulator and which options are available?
Three driving TCCT eClassic simulators can currently be ordered:

  • “Elio Z” by Zagato, named in memory of the driver and father of Andrea Zagato who today is at the helm of the company. This model is available in Zagato Red Metallic, Liquid Iron Metallic and Scorching Black Metallic with the historic Zagato sports car wraparound seats in Vintage Coffee Brown, Vintage Moet Brown and Vintage Taupe Brown;
  • “Sportiva” by Pininfarina, inspired by the famous Cisitalia 202, and available in Rosso Gara with Nero Notte interior, Verde Eleganza with Sabbia di Capri interior and Blu Icona with Bianco Avorio interior;
  • “Leggenda”, the special series celebrating Pininfarina’s 90th anniversary, produced in nine numbered examples in a special Argento Vivo (silver) colour complete with special finish and equipment. After the dispute for number 1 in the series, which was auctioned at RM Sotheby’s in St Moritz and fetched CHF 192,000 (€ 175,000), there are still a few units available.

The eClassic programme also gives members the possibility to customise their chosen driving simulator:

  • In the same colour and finish as one of the cars in the Member’s collection;
  • With the same characteristics as a car from the Member’s collection, which will be scanned, reproduced in 3D, and tuned by a professional driver to give the same performance and road manners as the original.

The cost of the Pininfarina Sportiva and Zagato Elio Z driving simulators, including home delivery fees, start-up, testing and the first driving session in addition to three-year membership, is € 134,000* or CHF 138,000*. The series celebrating 90 years of Pininfarina (9 numbered) is € 158,000* or CHF 164,000*.

For further information and details: media@eclassic.com – eclassic.com

*VAT included

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