The eClassic Club

Imagine a virtual place populated by a dynamic, international community of enthusiasts with a driver’s passion for classic cars. Imagine a Club where experienced collectors and newcomers alike can nurture their passion and preserve the heritage under their guardianship. Imagine a whole new dimension of the Classic Car Experience.

Imagine no more. Experience the eClassic Club.

Membership benefits

Annual community program

From live meetings and virtual events to eAcademy driving sessions, race debriefs and market insights, the eClassic Club is much more than a platform, it’s the fourth dimension of the Classic Car Experience.

eDriving, eRacing and eAcademy

The Fourth Dimension isn’t an abstract concept, it’s the possibility to enjoy our passion on our own time, or in the company of friends and acquaintances dedicated to the same ideals. All at a level of convenience and connectivity never seen before.

The Concierge

Members also have access to our exclusive eClassic Concierge service, which not only provides assistance with eClassic membership formalities or private event organization and helps with questions about the monthly Club Program but also manages the eClassic secondary market, offering brokerage services among Club Members looking to sell or buy pre – owned Pininfarina or Zagato edition simulators.

The eClassic App

It also means round-the clock access to eAcademy video sessions through the eClassic App and the possibility to enjoy, experience and race legendary cars on some of the world’s most exciting roads and racetracks.

Discover the Club

Join our exclusive community of international classic car owners and enthusiasts and share your passion all year round.

Members and Club Principles

eClassic Club Members belong to an exclusive fellowship - one forged by shared principles and an unwavering passion for the heritage, enjoyment and preservation of classic cars.

eClassic Club Members have access to modern simulation technologies that enrich their classic car experience for themselves or with friends and fellow Members within a modern, international community of like-minded enthusiasts.

To ensure the guiding principles of the eClassic Club are preserved over time, membership is exclusive, subject to approval and requires access to or ownership of an eClassic simulator in order to enjoy the eClassic virtual world and the numerous events and competitions of the eClassic Club Program. Membership packages are also available for companies, institutions and museums.

The eClassic Club program

Discover the dynamic program with live and digital elements.

The eClassic Club in your pocket

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Individual Practice and Race Simulations

Virtual Academy and Live Coaching Programs Weekly Lap-time competitions

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eClassic Club Member community and competitions at the click of a button

Information Desk

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