TCCT presents The eClassic Club at St Moritz: the Fourth Dimension of the classic car experience thanks also to the creations of Pininfarina and Zagato.

Vaduz, Sept 13th, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE

TCCT presents The eClassic Club at St Moritz: the Fourth Dimension of the classic car experience thanks also to the creations of Pininfarina and Zagato

During the “Internationale St. Moritzer Automobilwochen” TCCT eClassic and Bernina GT have created a dedicated eClassic paddock at the Grand Hotel Kempinski in St Moritz to present from 15th to 19th September The eClassic Club and the experience of eDriving, eRacing and the eAcademy. There all the Bernina GT racing teams will do a first-ever ePractice session on high-end simulators. An innovation for classic car motoring.

An exclusive club of collectors and true driving enthusiasts looking to add something more to their garage, circuits, and lifestyle.

The eClassic Club offers a unique and immersive experience in which distinguished collectors and newcomers alike can nurture their passion as never before – both virtually and in real life. Using their personalized eClassic Club App, Members have round-the-clock access to an exclusive digital platform with a dynamic, international community of likeminded enthusiasts, where they can drive exquisitely crafted masterpieces by two famous Italian coachbuilders to Club races, practice sessions, challenges, community events, and even organize tutorials with professional drivers.

As a result, those who join the eClassic Club discover a new dimension of the classic car experience, where they can share driving techniques, challenge each other online, or simply explore and learn more about the most famous circuits such as Monza, the Nürburgring, and Spa Francorchamps to name just a few. And that’s not all: in a true world premiere, the route leading up to the Bernina Pass used for the race has been painstakingly scanned and digitized by eClassic, and competitors of the event will use it to learn the route – vastly increased levels of safety and lowering the environmental impact – before they can take part in the race.

An all-new and wholly realistic driving experience in which a steering wheel, gearbox and pedals must be used with delicacy and skill to conquer the circuits while driving legendary cars alongside others who share the same values and passion.

Something truly unique that was simply impossible until today.

The Tomorrow of History through two unique pieces that have already become collectors’ items. Today, those who wish to be part of the eClassic Club, have the opportunity to add new and unique pieces to their collections, designed and built by Pininfarina and Zagato.

The “Sportiva” and “Elio Z” Editions are unique classic driving simulators that combine sophisticated technologies, timeless design and an extraordinary immersive experience. One that stimulates every sense of those who climb on board.

The Simulators are available in three standard colours and finishes, and with the bespoke program there are even more colours, finishes and special options to choose from. For the ultimate in exclusivity, there is also the Pininfarina Leggenda – a limited edition of 9 for collectors to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Pininfarina.

The first Leggenda built will be auctioned at RM Sotheby’s in St. Moritz with an estimated price of between CHF 120,000 and CHF 150,000. (RM Sotheby’s auction catalogue)

Being a part of The eClassic Club means experiencing the fourth dimension of the passion for classic cars, one that adds to the many pleasures of collecting, but it also means taking an active role in promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the automobile and contributing to a more sustainable future for classic cars.

That’s why the symbol of the club conceals the eC4 formula, symbolising how eClassic is the Fourth Dimension that was missing from our magnificent world.

Fritz Kaiser, collector and founder of TCCT (The Classic Car Trust), explains: “With eClassic we drive the great cars of yesteryear, from the living room into the future. The eClassic Club unites generations in their passion for classic cars and connects reality with the virtual world. Whenever. Wherever. This is the Tomorrow of History. A thrilling, eco-friendly experience.”

Paolo Pininfarina, Pininfarina Chairman, added: “We are proud to be involved in a project that takes the passion for classic cars to a new level thanks to technology that combines innovation, design and the quality of our manufacturing. It is no coincidence that the inspiration came from the Cisitalia, a work of art still on display at the MoMA in New York, the epicentre of refined and contemporary forms. Having the opportunity to experience the unique charm, elegance and sensations of driving such prestigious classic cars is something really unique”.

Andrea Zagato, ZED-Zagato CEO, said “Reducing body car volumes, and weights, and continuously mitigating stylistic frills, along with air flow studies, have always been at the heart of the Zagato philosophy. Elio Z, the driving simulator designed for classic cars and named after my father, Elio Zagato, perfectly reflects these principles: lightweight, thanks to its aluminium sub-frame, and with a small-scale body shell, it fully embraces our Essential Beauty concept, one of the pillars of the Atelier’s longstanding approach to Design by subtraction.”

The eClassic Club will be delivering the first simulators to Members towards the end of September. The first countries to be involved in the project are Switzerland, Italy and Liechtenstein. From the beginning of 2022, the activity of the Club and order requests will be extended to the principle European cities.

Ronnie Kessel, the Swiss entrepreneur race driver, shows in the enclosed video how to race the eBernina GT. In addition a dedicated professional coaching team around Andrea Montermini will assist the teams in the Bernina ePaddock specially built for the ePractice sessions during Thursday 16th and Friday 17th September at the Kempinski St Moritz Grand Hotel Des Bains. The best times will also compete for first place in the eBernina GT race.


TCCT and Bernina GT are proud to introduce this program which will infuse strong elements of innovation and safety into the wonderful St. Moritz Automobile Week.

The Tomorrow of History is starting. Now.

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