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Zagato The Experience

A new genuinely exciting experience: enjoy your favorite cars of the past, using the latest simulation technology.
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Pininfarina The Experience

Pininfarina: living the past, driving toward the future.
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eClassic virtual driving figures The ICE 2023

How did 89 people drive 1,346km while avoiding the emission of 1,730kg of CO2?
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The ICE St. Moritz 2023

Real and virtual on the frozen lake
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A digital twin of your real classic car

Through eClassic’s high-end virtualization activities, collectors, museums, and classic car owners can create digital twins of their beloved collectibles.
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Experience Classic Dream Cars at The ICE 2023

Real and virtual. Are you ready for The ICE 2023?
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Zagato. The Technique.

Zagato “Elio Z”: where traditional construction techniques employed for Italian racing cars meets technology and innovation.
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Pininfarina. The Technique.

Real classic car or simulator? You won’t feel any difference with eClassic Pininfarina “Sportiva” .
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Zagato Design

Authentic passion, precious details, meticulous researches: this is eClassic. This is Zagato “Elio Z” simulator.
eClassic 2022

Pininfarina Design

Harmony and elegance melted together in a true piece of art. Pininfarina design surrounds the driver in the “Sportiva” eClassic simulator.

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