eClassic FAQ

The eClassic Club

What is TCCT’s newest initiative, eClassic, about?

  • eClassic embraces today’s technologies to provide our beloved classic cars with a new lifeline into the next decades. Through the eClassic Club and the globally connected eClassic simulators, eClassic offers classic cars a new, complementary dimension to thrive in.

What is The eClassic Club?

  • It’s a modern membership-based community connecting classic car collectors, racers, and people who share a passion for these cars. Members are connected in the real world and through a digital platform. They are interested in taking advantage of the new digital age with classic car simulation technologies to enjoy their personal preferences and their lifestyle together with friends and fellows.

How can I become an eClassic Club Member?

  • Membership is upon application and requires approval by the founding member committee. Members further need to provide proof of access to an eClassic simulator. Buyers of an eClassic simulator will receive a membership for the next three years, which is included in the simulator purchase price. The annual membership fee is EUR 960 (as of 2021). To enquire about membership applications, please reach out to The eClassic Club Trust reg through our website.

What services does the eClassic Club offer?

  • The eClassic club offers a variety of virtual and in-person services:
    • Access to a global, digital community platform
    • eDriving, eRacing, and eAcademy tools for iconic classic cars and race tracks around the world
    • eClassic Member App and Concierge Service
    • Monthly Club program, including in-person member events
    • Private coaching sessions on request

Can I refer friends or family members to join eClassic?

  • Absolutely, it is encouraged. Contacting the eClassic team, our website, or the App all allow you to refer friends to become part of the eClassic Club. Our eClassic App also makes it easy for your recently joined friends and family to use your personal simulator with their own accounts. It is important to note that member applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be considered for membership.

Can I use the simulator without membership?

  • eClassic has been founded to connect the global community of classic car and racing enthusiasts in a new dimension. Thus, any buyer of a simulator will also receive a three-year membership included in the price. In case you are not interested in joining the eClassic Club in any form, eClassic might not be a suitable community for you.

What responsibilities do I have as a member?

  • Members are expected to follow the Club’s etiquette on and off the racetrack. eClassic is a young and ambitious club. While there are no specific operational responsibilities as a member, the sharing of our entrepreneurial spirit, suggestions, or ideas is highly encouraged.

Can I cancel my membership?

  • Of course. Members that own a simulator will have a membership included in the simulator purchase price for three years. Members without a simulator may cancel their annual membership any time before the renewal. 

The eClassic Simulators

What kind of technology do your simulators use?

  • Our simulator technology partner Racing Unleashed provides us with the simulation technology consisting of a proprietary three degrees of freedom (3 DOF) simulator motion platform. The platform includes a forward vertical pivot functionality and three rear-mounted linear actuators, allowing movements around the three principal axes of roll (+-15 deg), pitch (+-2.5 deg), and yaw (+-4 deg). All of this is controlled by bespoke motion control software.
  • As a base simulation software, we take advantage of Assetto Corsa’s experience in the field and its wide customization possibilities.
  • We further developed our own proprietary platform, creating driver’s features, such as, for example, the newly released Global Club Leaderboard – a 24/7 live ranking for eClassic members to compete for the fastest lap. We also add new proprietary content such as cars and tracks to create a unique eClassic world. Our prime example for this is the recently completed Virtual Bernina Gran Turismo hill climb at the Bernina Pass in Poschiavo.
  • Lastly, we are proud of our focus on driver friendliness as we simplify the interaction with the simulator directly through the Member App. An app that not only controls the simulator but connects all members globally and serves as a platform for our community.

What is special about the eClassic simulators?

  • We pride ourselves on the right balance of classic car feeling, driver friendliness, racing realism, and adrenaline.
  • Together with our partners and in-house software team, we have created beautiful simulators that have the look-and-feel of classic cars, while motion and cars are tested and set up meticulously to reflect their real physical behavior.
  • All of this with an easy-to-use app from your mobile device. We have completely removed the need for any technical simulator expertise. All that’s needed is your App and one unique button on the simulator.

What can I use the simulators for?

  • The simulators allow for an exciting eDriving or eRacing experience. With their unique classic car design, driver friendliness, and a large variety of cars and tracks, the eClassic simulators allow you to experience your beloved classic cars in a new dimension – at a convenience never seen before.
  • Through our bespoke eClassic Member app, we bring state-of-the-art simulation technology to a new level of driver friendliness. There are virtually no technical knowledge requirements.
  • The simulators allow members to practice on them by improving their lap times or participate in computer-generated races to improve their racing skills.
  • Members can also submit their lap times to the club leaderboard – these leaderboards are live 24/7 and offer direct competition amongst all members. In Q1 2022 we will also release the possibility for members to race against each other on track.
  • Driving classic cars is a pleasure, but racing them can be dangerous. Training sessions on the simulator before races add to the safety of classic car racing. With the Virtual Bernina Gran Turismo track, we have introduced a new practice session opportunity for classic car motoring.

What circuits can I have on the simulator?

  • Currently, we offer the circuits of Spa-Francorchamps, 1966 Monza, Brands Hatch, Nürburgring, Bernina Gran Turismo Hill Climb, and several others. We have many exciting track-scanning projects in the pipeline and will release at least one new track in 2022 H1.

What cars can I have in the simulator?

  • Each of our cars is meticulously set up by professional racing drivers. Currently, we offer cars such as the Ford GT 40, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Miura, Porsche 911 RSR, Porsche 718 Spyder, Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, Shelby Cobra, Maserati 250F, Fiat 595 Abarth, Audi Sport Quattro S1. The offering of our cars will expand over time, and we are already preparing some exciting new cars to be released sequentially during each quarter of 2022. Members also have the opportunity to get their favorite collector car scanned into their personal garage in their simulator. Such special projects are done upon request and have limited availability.

Do the simulators have any special functional requirements?

  • Not at all. You just need two things: (1) a standard power supply of 220v / 50 Hz and (2) a wired internet connection with a minimum download speed of 30mbit/s.

Can I move the simulator to different locations?

  • Yes, as long as the location meets the requirements above and in the Simulator Terms and Conditions (www.eclassic.com/simtc), the simulators will be functional. It should be considered that the simulators weigh close to 300kg; their transport is to be taken seriously. In light of this, we offer a simulator relocation service and, upon request, can also offer you mobility solutions for your on-site needs.

Can I sell the simulator?

  • Yes, it is absolutely possible to sell these collectible masterpieces. At eClassic, we will help you in organizing such sales through our secondary market, which we will actively start in 2022. Your membership may stay active if you can still prove regular access to an eClassic simulator.

After-Sales, Service, and Warranty

Do your simulators come with a warranty?  

  • Absolutely, the warranty period on our simulators is two years starting from the delivery date. The warranty period also includes two free-of-charge on-site visits for a proper maintenance check-up.

Do the simulators require any specific maintenance?

  • The only routine maintenance required is the lubrication of the motion engine, just like with a classic car, easy to do and about once a month. More information can be found in the user manual of your simulator.

What if I need help, or if something on my simulator breaks?

  • We have a dedicated concierge team who will assist you virtually or in-person with any queries or repair needs. We aim to have everything up and running no later than 72 hours after the initial contact.

Are there any updates available for the simulators? 

  • Of course! Any software updates are available to any simulator owner. Whether it be newly scanned tracks, cars, or entire new competition modes, members and their simulators are part of a living community, and they will develop themselves continuously. Any updates regarding the hardware of the simulators are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Where can I buy one of your simulators?

  • In Q4 2021, client deliveries start in Switzerland and Italy and will expand in 2022 to the greater European Area. Starting in 2023, you will find eClassic also in overseas countries. To buy a simulator, please reach out to TCCT eClassic AG through the website – a representative will reach out to you. To enquire about membership applications, please reach out to The eClassic Club Trust reg through our website.

Are your simulators safe?

  • Be aware: Our simulators are no toys but high-end simulation machines. To ensure best practice safety, we have adopted safety implementations ranging from safe-design thinking, various safety sensors, an emergency button, and safety training at simulator delivery. The Simulators comply with European CE Certification standards.


How do you ensure safe remote maintenance on simulators without interfering in my private data?

What data do you collect? Why?

  • We collect two types of data from eClassic Members: (1) Information provided to us upon joining the eClassic Club. This data is used to establish your eClassic Club Member profile. (2) Data related to your simulator usage. For example, lap times, rankings, etc. We collect this kind of data to provide you with a seamless experience on your mobile device and to understand which type of features you prefer. This helps us to constantly improve your eClassic experience.

eClassic Partnership Opportunities

How could I, as a brand / classic car professional, partner with eClassic?

  • Please let us know if you have collaboration ideas and would like to join the unique ecosystem of TCCT and eClassic. We serve the classic car community with the ultimate goal of preserving the cultural heritage and value of classic cars – providing them with a new lifeline in this digital age.

I am excited by eClassic and would like to get involved in growing this initiative. Is that possible?

  • If you have ideas or suggestions on how to contribute to eClassic, please get in touch; we look forward to hearing from you.