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Nürburgring Nordschleife

Get ready to drive on the magnificent Nordschleife circuit with eClassic.

After Niki Lauda’s accident in the 1976 German Grand Prix, it looked like the old circuit of the Nürburgring, the one that was almost 23 kilometres long and went by the name of Nordschleife (“North Loop”), and which since the 1920s was also known as the most difficult circuit in the world, was destined to disappear, making room for a circuit with a more conventional configuration and length.

Then, the truly brilliant idea: why not keep the old one alive and immortalise its unique history?

The idea was simple: transform it into a one-way highway without speed limits and race on it. Since then, every year, thousands of cars, motorcycles and even buses fly around the circuit in an attempt to understand why Jackie Stewart nicknamed it “The Green Hell”. Fortunately, in addition to this use, and here it must be said that German rationality led to a truly creative solution, races have also resumed. Endurance races for Gran Turismo and touring cars, and special races, such as those that lead to new records made with road-legal cars that the various manufacturers contend year after year.

Only professional drivers, and not all of them, are able to exploit the full potential of a track that hides all kinds of surprises and pitfalls. Especially because it’s a track without escape routes and with very delicate and dangerous sections. Danger that also comes from the tiredness generated by laps that never seem to end. And this leads to error.

Of the many circuits available on the eClassic menu, the Nordschleife is without question the most fascinating one. It needs to be approached calmly, trying to learn the many reference points that can help you understand if, when and where to brake and whether this bump or that curve in the forest conceals yet another unexpected trap in addition to the many you’ve already encountered.

It’s magnificent to drive on the Nordschleife in the simulator, but you have to start out at a tourist’s pace. Then, slowly push yourself faster, making sure you learn the familiar sections and reference points. It will take you days and perhaps even weeks… then, enjoy swooping down towards the Adenau Bridge and back uphill again as you make your way towards the iconic Karussell banked corners and the long and treacherous straight that leads back to the pits. When all this is familiar, you can finally set out towards the Eiffel Forest and get yourself an entrance ticket to that very special highway that has become an important part of the fantastic history of motor sport. A priceless experience!


Photo credit: Porsche


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