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Ford GT40

In 1963, Henry Ford reacted so badly to Enzo Ferrari’s refusal to sell him the company from Maranello that he created his own racing department in order to build the car that would defeat him at Le Mans.

The giant Ford didn’t like the fact that every Monday, newspapers the world across talked about Ferrari’s victories without him having to pay a single penny in advertising. Henry Ford II also look at all the money his brands had to invest for their own image. We are in the early 1960s and discreetly, through confidential contacts, Ford managed to establish contact with Enzo Ferrari with the intention of buying the Italian company and transforming it into its racing department.

Things appeared to be going very well indeed, everything was ready for the final signature when Ferrari, refusing to let go of his desire to retain complete control and freedom over the racing division, abruptly broke off all relationships in 1963. For Ford it was a setback they needed to repair immediately: Henry Ford was going to race with a car designed and built under his own brand. The decision was made to set up own headquarters in England and to bring in British specialists to prepare the car. The challenge with Ferrari at Le Mans, recently brought to the screen, was won in 1966. A success that was to be repeated in 1967 with the MK4 evolution, and also in 1968 when the regulations set the engine displacement limit to 5,000 cc. All of this made the Ford GT40 a milestone in the history of motor racing.

Today with eClassic you can return to the thrills of the past behind the wheel of a car that instantly became a myth.

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