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Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, a masterpiece by the designer Scaglione, of which just 18 examples were produced is available on eClassic.

In 1968, she was the most expensive car on the market, even more than a Ferrari. She was the daughter of the Sport that made her debut in 1967, winning the Fleron hillclimb race, and dominating the 2,000 class at Daytona at the beginning of 1968. Her brand was famous, the Milanese Alfa Romeo and her name, 33, would become equally so very soon. We are talking about the 33 Stradale, a masterpiece by the designer Scaglione, of which just 18 examples were produced.

It’s the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, a Berlinetta coveted by collectors, and the sister of the open-top Sport competition model, the car we have chosen to discover the Nürburgring circuit, the long one, the famous Nordschleife. Why is that? For more than one reason, this too a record holder, as the circuit is more than 20 kilometers long. Then, because the 33 Stradale is a very sincere car and is relatively easy to drive. Ideal for laps that require you to improvise and drive instinctively, as the circuit is very difficult to learn by heart. Our advice, for those who have the opportunity to drive on what Sir Jackie Stewart affectionately called “The Green Hell” is to drive using the same level of attention you would on a public road, knowing that at any moment something unexpected could happen. In that way, you’ll be ready for curves after a small crest you didn’t expect, elevated hairpin bends like the two Karussell corners, or sudden descents that do not easily forgive. But how magnificent it is! eClassic offers all this with a realism that makes you feel like professional drivers!

Photo credit: Alfa Romeo

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