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The 4th dimension 
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Every generation has its heroes who wrote the story of their time. The eClassic Club invites you to write ours.

Join our growing international community of like-minded enthusiasts.

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Discover our eClassic Simulators, designed by two legendary Italian Automotive coachbuilders.



The eClassic Club experience

If you are considering becoming an eClassic Club Member, come and share your passion with us in our exclusive relaxing lounges, an eClassic experience space, where Members and their guests may enjoy a friendly get-together.

eClassic News

eClassic 2022: a full throttle year
At the House of BMW

A surprise in the Milanese fashion district: eclassic at BMW on the corner of Via Monte Napoleone.
eClassic News

eClassic 2022: a full throttle year
Badrutt’s Palace Lounge

Many enthusiasts experienced the realism of driving an eClassic simulator at the Lounge created at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.
eClassic News

eClassic 2022: a full throttle year
Virtual Miura on ICE

Miura #3586 was also the star of the virtual world where many of the guests of The Ice VIP Lounge took it for a spin.
eClassic News

eClassic 2022: a full throttle year
Miura, legend on ICE

On 5th February 2022, the Miura 400 S that starred in the magnificent opening scenes of the cult film “The Italian Job” climbing up to the Gran San Bernardo Pass, played a new leading role.
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To be faster
Perfect trajectories

Each turn on a track has its own ideal trajectory that is easily identified when the curve connects two straight sections, but requires a more observant study when one turn follows another.