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The 4th dimension 
of the Classic Car Experience

Every generation has its heroes who wrote the story of their time. The eClassic Club invites you to write ours.

Join our growing international community of like-minded enthusiasts.

Unique works of Art and Technology

Discover our eClassic Simulators, designed by two legendary Italian Automotive coachbuilders.



The eClassic Club experience

If you are considering becoming an eClassic Club Member, come and share your passion with us in our exclusive relaxing lounges, an eClassic experience space, where Members and their guests may enjoy a friendly get-together.

eClassic Cars

Discovering the eClassic Cars.
Porsche 718

The emotion offered by Porsche 718 made pure though simplicity, can be discovered by getting behind the wheel of the Pininfarina and Zagato simulators by eClassic.
eClassic Club

Discovering the eClassic Circuits
Nürburgring Nordschleife

Get ready to drive on the magnificent Nordschleife circuit with eClassic.
eClassic Club

HK Engineering Lounge: an exciting opportunity to drive

The eClassic Lounge at HK Engineering in Polling, Bavaria has been officially inaugurated.
eClassic Club

Discovering the eClassic Cars.
Ford GT40

In 1963, Henry Ford reacted so badly to Enzo Ferrari’s refusal to sell him the company from Maranello that he created his own racing department in order to build the car that would defeat him at Le Mans.
eClassic Club

Discovering the eClassic Cars.
Lamborghini Miura

The driving experience in the simulator of the Miura P400 gives those behind the wheel a precise idea of just how wonderful it is to drive on the track.